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Choosing the Right Type of Stainless Steel Screw

Mar 12, 2019 · When using stainless steel sheet for jacketing and cladding purposes, it is essential to make sure that the quality of the screws used to secure it is just as high as the jacketing material itself. On the face of it, it would seem to make sense to use a screw of grade 304 metal with sheet of the same grade but this isn't actually the right solution as both materials are of equal strength. Corrosionisafactoflife Austenitic Stainless Steel - Fasteners manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel offer the optimum corrosion resistance, and can be classified as "long life" to a minimum building design life of 30 years. The specification and use of 304 Stainless Steel self-drilling fasteners by SFS intec, Inc. will help extend the life cycle of your new or existing building and

DrillFast® Stainless A4/316 product range

DrillFast® Stainless A4/316 is a high performance range of stainless steel fasteners for roofing, cladding and façade applications. They are suitable for use on projects using aluminium sheeting or components, and in extreme environmental conditions such as marine locations where corrosion resistance is of paramount importance. Facade Panel Installation Screws + Fasteners SFS USASX3-D16 T25W Dome Head Stainless Self-Drill Ideal for installing cladding panels (HPL, fiber cement, others) to aluminum or steel. 304 stainless (bi-met) with carbon drill point; Drill capacity:.060"118" steel or alu; For max build up to 19/32" (15 mm) Diameter:#12 with 11 threads per inch; Head:Dome screw head 16 mm with T25W drive General Purpose Decking Screw 304SS (A2) Stainless Steel General purpose 304 stainless steel decking screws for all trade professionals fixing deck boards to hard or softwood joists. High quality stainless steel, accompanied by a No. 2 square drive, biting thread and engineered type 17 tip results in a high quality entry level decking screw. Available in 50mm and 65mm length to accommodate differing deck board thicknesses.

MatchFast® A2/304 stainless steel self drilling fasteners

MatchFast® Stainless A2/304 - About the range. Nylon moulded head A2/304 stainless steel mainfix for steel 1.2 - 3.0mm thick. Nylon moulded head A2/304 stainless steel mainfix for steel 4.0 - 12.0mm. Nylon moulded head A2/304 stainless steel composite panel fastener for steel 1.2 - 3.0mm. Rainscreen Cladding Attachment Fasteners SFS USAIdeal for cladding panels (HPL, fiber cement, others) to aluminum or steel. 304 stainless (bi-met) with carbon drill point. Drill capacity:.060" - 118" steel or aluminum. Max build:up to 19/32" (15mm) Diameter:#12 with 11 threads per inch. Head:Dome head 16mm with T25W drive. SS Roofing sheet Stainless Steel Corrugated sheet - Asia MetalBecause of its greater strength, a lighter-weight sheet (0.4mm) can be used in place of Terne coated stainless steel roof panels (Terne coating is a a zinc-tin alloy Watch out:other grades of stainless steel (SS 304) are not recommended for use Corrugated Metal Roofing and Paneling, Stainless Steel, 82

Stainless Steel Sheet / Plate metals4U

Sheet metal is widely used in laboratories where durability and resistance to heat and corrosion are essential, and where high cleanliness standards need to be maintained. Stainless steel sheet is also used to make water storage tanks, silos to store grain, and transportation tankers. Our stocks of stainless-steel sheet are available in 304, 316, and 430 grades in a choice of dull polished finish Steel construction products - SteelConstructionfoStainless steel products. Stainless steel is the name given to a family of corrosion and heat resistant steels containing a minimum of 10.5% chromium. There is a wide range of stainless steels with varying levels of corrosion resistance and strength, as a result of controlled alloying element additions.Corrugated Stainless Steel BS StainlessFeb 07, 2020 · Stainless steel is available in 304 (1.4301) and 316 (1.4404), the 316 option will give a higher resistance to corrosion so anywhere close to the sea or chemicals this could be a better option. For fixing there is a range of options we can supply self drilling screws, self tapping screws and rivets.