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NOAA High-resolution Blended Analysis of Daily SST and Ice. Data is from Sep 1981 and is on a 1/4 deg global grid. Catalog:NOAA Global Surface Temperature (NOAAGlobalTemp) Monthly gridded anomalies of air temperature from the GHCN-M and the NOAA ERSST V4 dataset. Catalog:NOAA Optimum Interpolation (OI) SST V2 Produced weekly on a 1° grid. Artificial intelligence reconstructs missing climate Jun 01, 2020 · ah, Warm (September 1877) (ad) and cold (August 1893) (eh) eastern Pacific examples explain the reconstruction pathway of the held-out 56th member from 20CR

Climate Model Simulations of the Last 1,000 Years

Please note:Due to scheduled network maintenance, NCEI systems will be unavailable Saturday, June 26 between 10:00 AM EST - 4:30 PM EST. We apologize for any inconvenience. Simulations of the last 1,000 years have been completed with several different models. Although some of the details are GLOBAL AND REGIONAL SEA LEVEL RISE SCENARIOS gauge-based reconstruction [black], and from 1992 to 2015 from the satellite-based reconstruction updated from Nerem et al. (2010) [magenta] and b) comparisons of GMSL since 1992 from NOAA/NESDIS/STAR (black line) and the summation (purple line) of global mean ocean mass from Global Climate Report - November 2009 State of the

  • Contents of This SectionGlobal HighlightsIntroductionTemperature Rankings and GraphicsPrecipitationReferencesClimate Data Sets NCAR - Climate Data GuideA set of three estimates of land-cover types and annual transformations of land use are provided on a global 0.5°x0.5° grid at annual timesteps. The longest of the three estimates spans 1770-2010. The three estimates use three different data sets of cropland and pastureland. Common input data

    Jet stream dynamics, hydroclimate, and fire in California

    Mar 19, 2019 · North Pacific jet stream (NPJ) behavior strongly affects cool-season moisture delivery in California and is an important predictor of summer fire conditions. Reconstructions of the NPJ before modern fire suppression began in the early 20th century identify the relationships between NPJ characteristics and precipitation and fire extremes. After fire suppression, the relationship between the NOAA Updates Its Massive Climate DatasetJan 15, 2020 · NOAAs 20CR project, which is now in its 13th year, uses a variety of data, including surface pressure, sea temperature and sea ice observations, to reconstruct daily records (and in some cases, near-hourly records) of the global climate. NOAA Updates Its Massive, Supercomputer-Generated Jan 15, 2020 · January 15, 2020. As Australia burns, understanding and mitigating the climate crisis is more urgent than ever. Now, by leveraging the computing resources at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center ( NERSC ), the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA) has updated its 20th Century Reanalysis Project (20CR) dataset, allowing researchers access

    NOAA releases extended version of 20th Century Reanalysis

    Jan 14, 2020 · Using NOAA's Global Forecast System, researchers reconstructed the global atmosphere from surface pressure readings, sea temperature, and sea ice observations from archival records - some Old weather time machine opens a - cpo.noaa.govOct 09, 2019 · This painting by James Gale Tyler depicts the crew of the USS Jeanette abandoning ship in 1881 after more than a year trapped in Arctic ice. Barometric pressure observations from the ship's log comprise some of the data used to reconstruct global weather in the updated 20th Century Reanalysis dataset released by NOAA on Oct 9, 2019. Old weather time machine opens a treasure - NOAAOct 09, 2019 · This month, a NOAA-funded research team published an update to a weather time machine theyve been developing since 2011. This third version of the 20th Century Reanalysis Project, or 20CRv3 for short, is a dauntingly complex, high-resolution, four-dimensional reconstruction of the global climate that estimates what the weather was for

    The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project

    Key research topics:Creating a Historical Reanalysis of the Atmosphere of the 20th Century NOAA Strategic plan (2006-2011) to meet NOAA and GCRP goals calls for integrated observations and analysis with quantified uncertainties. Emphasis on reanalysis improvements for understanding multidecadal variability of weather extremesand variationsNOAA Releases Extended Version of 20th Century Reanalysis Jan 13, 2020 · Using NOAAs Global Forecast System, researchers reconstructed the global atmosphere from surface pressure readings, sea temperature, and sea ice observations from archival records some transcribed by citizen volunteers through the Old Weather project including logbooks from 19 th century ships. From this data, the model estimates multiple factors, such as temperature,