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Determination of finish-cutting operation number and

Abstract Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) plays an important role in precision manufacturing. To obtain a precise workpiece with good surface quality, some extra repetitive finish cuts along the rough cutting contour are necessary. An attempt has been made to unveil the influence of the machining parameter (pulse-on time, pulse-off time, table feed-rate, flushing pressure, distance (PDF) ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHINING OF THE The optimum machining parameter combinations were obtained for surface finish, cutting speed, and kerf width separately.Lal et al. [4] conducted an experimental study on Wire electrical discharge machining of AA7075/SiC/Al2O3 hybrid composite fabricated by

A novel approach to plasma channel radius determination

Mar 21, 2020 · Machining with electrical discharges is one of the most widely used advanced machining processes, which plays a significant role in machining of hard, high-strength but electrically conductive materials [].Several researches were performed about electrical discharge machining (EDM) process and its modeling to improve the process performance and also to get the numerical An experimental study for determination of the effects of Jun 29, 2005 · Abstract. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a non-traditional production method that has been widely used in the production of dies throughout the world in recent years. The most important performance measure in EDM is the surface roughness; among other measures material removal and tool wear rates could be listed. Determination of material removal rate in wire electro Apr 16, 2010 · Wire electro-discharge machining (WEDM) is a vital process in manufacturing intricate shapes. The present work proposes a semi-empirical model for material removal rate in WEDM based on thermo-physical properties of the work piece and machining parameters such as pulse on-time and average gap voltage. The model is developed by using dimensional analysis and non-linear


Figure 1:Electrical discharge machine The traditional machining processes rely on harder tool or abrasive material to remove the softer material whereas non-traditional machining processes such as EDM uses electrical spark or thermal energy to erode unwanted material in order to create desired shape. So, the hardness of the material is no longer a dominating factor for EDM process. A Electrical Discharge Machining :Principle, Working Mar 25, 2017 · Electrical discharge machining process works on the basic principle of spark generation and metal removed by spark erosion. EDM spark erosion is same as electric spark which burn a small hole in a piece of metal through witch it contacts. The spark generated by this process produces heat, which remove metal by erosion and evaporation. Electro Discharge Machining:Working, Parts, Advantage

  • Definition of Electro Discharge Machining:Electrical Discharge machining is the process of metal Parts of Electro Discharge Machining:An Electro Discharge Machine consists of:DC pulse Working Principle of Electrical Discharge Machining:It consists of an electric power supply, the Applications of Electro Discharge Machining:These are some of the applications of Electro Advantages of Electrical Discharge Machining:Here are some advantages of Electro discharge Disadvantages of Electrical Discharge Machining:Electro discharge machining still has some Mathematical Modeling of Rotary Electro Chemical AbstractRotary Electrochemical Discharge Machining (RECDM) is an important manufacture technology in machining difficult-to-cut materials and to shape complicated contours and profiles with high material removal rate. This paper presents the physical and mathematical models for determination of the performance characteristics of RECDM.

    Electro Discharge Machining

    Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) is an electro-thermal non-traditional machining process, where electrical energy is used to generate electrical spark and material removal mainly occurs due to thermal energy of the spark. EDM is mainly used to machine difficult-to-machine materials and high strength