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The Hardox In My Body tag signals that your attachments are made from genuine Hardox wear plate, signifying hardness, toughness, and cost efficiency. Many imported buckets claim to use similar types of wear-resistant steel from various sources yet youll soon see the difference once the job starts. Empire uses Hardox 400/450 Wear Plate in - Empire Structures made of Hardox last longer and weigh less, allowing for increased payload. That is why the sign Hardox In My Body represents intelligence, performance and economy. Hardox wear steel has unique properties for excavator buckets. Hardox combines extreme hardness and toughness with excellent welding and machining properties.

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Decreasing work cycles times, increasing fill rates and reducing downtime. This combined with Chromium Carbide, Hardox 450, Hardox 500 and White iron wear package options, makes HSMs attachments unrivaled. In 2012 HSM were appointed as a 'SSAB Hardox in My Body' bucket manufacturer. Feedlot Grapple Bucket - AMI AttachmentsThe Feedlot Grapple Bucket is made Hardox In My Body® certified and the Grapple is My Inner Strenx® certified. Featured Videos. SSAB HARDOX AND STRENX. ITS NOT A JOB, ITS A PERFORMANCE. Specifications - Wheel Loader. FastTrack Goldmont revolutionizes underground mining bucket design Sep 30, 2019 · Certified Hardox In My Body products for customer peace of mind In the summer of 2019, the Outcast loader bucket was accredited as a certified Hardox In My Body attachment. This means that each product with a Hardox In My Body logo has passed SSAB's strict quality control with regard to welding quality, manufacturing process and design, and is

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Trusted worldwide, Hardox® In My Body is the sign of quality for only the highest quality products on the market. See why at https://bit.ly/2X6zXO2 The Atlas is designed with an insulated Hardox® 450 shell that maintains material temperatures for safe, clean and reliable discharge on site. # hardox_official # ssab_steel # Hardoxinmybody Hardox In My Body a quality sign and your game changing The Hardox In My Body logo is a sign of quality for the best Hardox products in the market. Each product has passed our strict technical control and are approved as a premium product by the SSAB board consisting of experts within wear and structural technology. Each sign has a unique ID that is traceable and can secure the origin and material. Hardox Wearparts G&G Mining FabricationG&G is a member of the global Hardox Wearparts® network - a worldwide network of wear service centers. We provide wear parts and wear solutions that keep industries up and running with optimized productivity and service life. We carry a large stock of wear-resistant materials - including Hardox and Strenx steels, and Duroxite overlay materials

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The company is an early adopter of SSABs new wear-resistant steel grade Hardox® 500 Tuf. Upgrading to this material allows Winkelbauers customers to load more and extend the service life of their equipment. Hardox ® 500 Tuf is an abrasion-resistant (AR) steel that makes the perfect fit for the high-performance buckets manufactured by Winkelbauer. Hardox ® 500 Tuf is the first 500 Brinell (HB) Taurus Mining Solutions is designing smarter and lighter The result is a mining bucket that weighs one ton less compared to the previous model. This translates into four loads to fill a mining tray instead of earlier five loads. It also means Improved bucket life and decreased downtime. For the buckets wearing areas, Taurus, a Hardox® In My Body customer program member, mainly uses Hardox® 450 Unique Excavator Buckets Made of Hardox Steel - DekpolNov 15, 2018 · Hardox in My Body logo is not just the symbol but it involves the number of the most stringent quality criteria that we must meet in the process of manufacturing buckets and using Hardox steel. This is the brand granted to products that meet the highest quality standards. The closest cooperation with SSAB process engineers allows us to

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The Hardox® In My Body sign represents buckets that are manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified Hardox® In My Body member. Look for the Hardox® In My Body sign if youre looking for buckets that are hard, tough, cost efficient and made of genuine Hardox® wear plate.