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6 Common Roof Trusses:Everything You Need to Know

  • King post truss. King post trusses are the simplest roofing truss. Common uses:Home additions, Queen post truss. Queen post trusses are well-suited for larger residential projects. Common uses:Fink truss. Fink trusses are the most common truss for residential projects. Common uses:Attic truss. Attic trusses allow for storage space and sometimes even added living space. Common Scissor truss. Scissor trusses can create vaulted cathedral ceilings. Common uses:Residential Gable truss. Gable trusses act as the bookends to your roof. Common uses:Residential gable roof How to Frame a Roof (with Pictures) - wikiHowMay 29, 2011 · To frame a roof, start by choosing a roof style, like A-frame or gabled. Then, gather your measurements by calculating the run, rise, and length of each rafter segment in feet, and the pitch of How to Build a Gambrel Roof:15 Steps (with Pictures Apr 08, 2011 · Nail OSB or plywood onto the rafters to enclose the roof. Start with the top corners of the roof first. Place the OSB or plywood on the top portion of the rafters and make sure that the edges run

    The Complete Guide to Roof Trusses:Design, Cost, Framing

    Dec 09, 2018 · The Pros of Using Roof Trusses Instead of Stick Framing. The pros of using roof trusses drastically outweigh the pros of stick framing. Sure, there may be an instance where stick framing is your only option, and that is understandable. But 99% of the time, a