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Now you can easily calculate the number of rods in a steel bundle through our online TMT steel calculator. Also determine the weight of the steel bars from the number of rods. Download our Material Calculator App from Google Playstore for Offline calculations. (Enter a Value in any one of the column) How to Calculate the Weight of Steel Bar? - Online CalculatorFeb 20, 2018 · Formula for Unit weight of steel = D 2 /162.28 Kg/m Lets take an example, If we want to calculate the unit weight of 8mm steel rod of 2-metre height, Weight of steel = 8 2 /162.28

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For distribution bars , = 57* Length of one Distribution bars = 57* 8 = 456 m. Step:-3. Calculate weight of Steel bar. For main bar, ={(D^2)/162} * L = {(12^2)/162} * 448 = 398.2 kg. Keep in mind that unit of Diameter (D) must be in millimeter and Length (L) must be in meter. And final result will be in Kg. For Distribution bar. W = {(D^2)/162} * L = {(10^2)/162} * 456 JSW NeoSteelJSW NeoSteel. ABOUT. JSW Neosteel- An Overview. Read about the best TMT Bars in the country that conform to Indian, American, British and Australian Standards. JSW Neosteel Advantages. Learn about what makes JSW Neosteel TMT Bars the preferred choice of millions of customers all over India. Landmark Projects. M.S. TMT BARS Size in mm Weight in Kgs. Per Feet M.S. TMT BARS Size in mm Weight in Kgs. Per Feet Weight in Kgs. Per Mtr. 6 (R) 0.067 0.220 8 0.120 0.395 10 0.188 0.617 12 0.270 0.885 16 0.480 1.578 20 0.751 2.466 16 0.480 1.578 16 0.480 1.578 20 0.751 2.466 25 1.174 3.852 32 1.925 6.313 . ASCO ASCO S TEEL . Author:Ashith

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Metal Weight Calculator. Enter value, select units and click on calculate. Result will be displayed. Enter your values:Material:Steel (default) Aluminum 1100 Aluminum 2011 Aluminum 2014 Aluminum 2017 Aluminum 2024 Aluminum 3003 Aluminum 5005 Aluminum 5052 Aluminum 5056 Aluminum 5083 Aluminum 5086 Aluminum 6061 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 7050 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum 7178 Online Metals Weight Calculator OnlineMetals®Weight Calculator. Metal gets heavy, and whether you want to see how much shipping is likely to be, or if your vehicle (or back) can handle it, its good to know what your order weighs. To help with that, weve got our handy weight calculator here. Fill out the information below and it will tell you how heavy that piece of material is. SS Round Bar Weight Calculator Formula, Steel Round Bar To calculate the weight of steel bars:ROUND dia.mm2 x 0.006165 = Weight in kilograms per metre. ROUND dia.mm2 x 0.004143 = Weight in lbs. per foot. HEXAGON size mm2 x 0.006798 = Weight in kilograms per metre. HEXAGON size mm2 x 0.00457 = Weight in lbs. per foot.

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To determine the weight of 1 TMT rod, the following formula is used :-(dia * dia) / 162* 12 = weight of 1 TMT rod. Dia denoes diameter in mm (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm or 32mm) Tolerance is provided with adherence to IS:1786-2008 standard law. TMT Bars Building Construction Rods Steel TMT Bar The formulae stated below calculates the weight of the steel. For Example, if we have 8 mm diameter Steel bar and length is 12 mm. Formulae to calculate the weight of the steel. W = D2L/162 TMT Steel Bar price per kg Calculator - THETECHFACE8 rows · Oct 05, 2017 · Weight Tolerance for TMT Steel Bar :-Weight Tolerance for TMT Steel Bar is 8mm and

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11 rows · Oct 01, 2019 · TMT Bars Weight can be explained in Kilogram or Quintal or Ton. 1 Quintal